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Bitter Melon


Eggplant—purple italian, purple japanese, fairy tale


Herbs—mint, garlic chives, italian/tulsi basil

Lettuce—green butterhead, romaine, arugula


Muscadines—bronze, purple

Okra—green, burgundy

Onions—green, yellow, sweet

Pears—Florida sand

Peas—black eye, white acre, creamer

Peppers—red/green/yellow/orange/mini sweet bell, poblano, cayenne, banana, jalepeño, italian roasting, variety hot



Shoots, Sprouts and Microgreens

Squash—butternut, seminole pumpkin

Tomatoes—grape, beefsteak, cherry, large plum, green

Local and Fresh—
Jalapeño Peppers

        Market tables are filled with North Central Florida’s late summer bounty of hot peppers, along with okra, eggplant, pears and muscadines.
        Jalapeño pepper flavor is fruity and distinctive which, to me, is more important than the heat, which varies from pepper to pepper.
        Remember the heat is in the ribs and seeds inside, so you can dial down the temperature by discarding them if you want. And don’t forget to wash your hands carefully after working with hot peppers—please, don’t rub your eyes!













Putting Food By
I have been acting like a squirrel getting ready for winter, putting up a few jams and jellies
of family favorites as the summer goes by and loading our freezer with goodies for the future.
While I put by at least a couple of servings of every soup, stew or casserole I make,
fruit in season is so inexpensive that I can’t resist a freezer full! Strawberries were first,
some whole and some sliced and coated with just a touch of honey. Blueberries were next,
just whole berries sealed in ziptop freezer bags, plus a couple of cups of blueberry sauce
ready to top pancakes. For the first time I froze some sliced cooked figs, but preserved the
rest as usual with lemon slices. Peach season was a bust this year, so it was mangoes that
put me over the top—quart bags full of slices, most raw, some baked, and some peeled halves.
After rearranging our freezer, trying to pack in everything, and then finally admitting defeat,
I called Mom to “rent” some freezer space. I took over several bags of fruit to clear
the way and baked up the rest of my mangoes so now I am ready to move on.
What’s next? Strawberry guavas and, soon, persimmons!