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What’s Fresh Right Now?


Bitter Melon

Bok Choy

Broccoli—green, romanesco

Cabbage—green, napa, red

Carrots—orange, yellow, white, red, orange thumbelina

Cauliflower—white, cheddar, green, purple

Chard—white, rainbow

Citrus—orange, grapefruit, lemon, tangerines, tangelos, kumquats, calamondin, limes

Greens—mustards, mizuna, arugula, turnip, collard, spinach, tat tsoi

Herbs—garlic chives, turmeric, flat leaf parsley, cilantro, dill


Kale—dino, curly, tuscan, red/white russian

Lettuce—red/green romaine, red/green leaf, bibb


Mushrooms—fresh/dried shiitakes

Onions—yellow, green

Peas—white acre, snow, sugar snap

Peppers—shishito, red/green/yellow/orange/mini sweet bell, poblano, jalapeño, variety hot

Raddish—red, watermelon, easter egg, french breakfast, white/purple daikon, black


Shoots, Sprouts and Microgreens


Sweet Potatoes—orange, white, purple

Tomatoes—cluster, large plum, sun gold, cherry, green

Turnips—purple top, tokyo

Yuca (also known as cassava or manioc)

Local and Fresh—

        Orange, yellow, purple and red, a rainbow of carrots have been making their welcome appearance at out local farmers markets. In addition to the traditional long, slender varieties, one farmer is growing the cutest little Thumbelina carrots, perfect for serving whole.
        Incredibly popular and versatile, these nutritious and tasty root vegetables are loaded with beta-carotene and Vitamin A, yet even toddlers will eat them!
        Look for firm carrots and, if the greens are attached, they should be fresh and bright. Carrot greens may be eaten raw or cooked.
























It’s Citrus Time!
This is the time of year when Florida citrus is flooding our markets.
Since the season is short, but the year long, be sure to put
by some of that citrus goodness. I freeze zest for use in baked
goods and juices for everything from marinades to lemonade.