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What is Hogtown HomeGrown?  Well, obviously it is a newsletter and website full of local and seasonal recipes, but it is more than that - I want you to get away from the processed fast food mentality.  I want you to get together with friends and family to enjoy local fresh food, lovingly cooked and eaten with laughter.  Gather around the table every day – get to know each other – become a family!

Why the name “Hogtown HomeGrown”?  When I moved to Gainesville, I was new to vegetarian cooking, but immediately began working at Hogtown Granary – a co-op on University Avenue that sold fresh local produce, dried grains and beans and natural products at a discount to members.  To me, Gainesville has always been Hogtown!  Historically, Gainesville was never Hogtown – the Hogtown Settlement and then Hogtown Fort were located in and around what is now Westside Park, at the corner of Northwest 34th Street and 8th Avenue.  The city of Gainesville, the county seat, was 4 miles to the east, and eventually expanded its borders to include Hogtown.  Did you know that Toronto is also nicknamed Hogtown?  Their name refers to the muddy road conditions after severe Canadian winters – I’m glad we didn’t earn the nickname that way!

Why “HomeGrown”?   Think about all the businesses that originated in and around Gainesville – including this newsletter and website!  Think about all the local farmers who provide us with everything from fresh produce to honey, meat and milk.  Would you rather have items trucked in using lots of natural resources or local goods and services made available from people that live and work near you?  Most of the money spent at a big box leaves our community, but money spent in a “homegrown” locally owned business stays in our community.  What a difference we could make if we made a point of buying locally and seasonally!

So that’s the Hogtown HomeGrown philosophy – buy local and seasonal food, support our community’s businesses and Save the World – One Dinner at a Time!

                                                                                                Stefanie Samara Hamblen


Hogtown HomeGrown is supported in part by these sponsors

         8:30am - 12pm

Haile Village Center

NW Seafood Logo
Fanatics Of Freshness

Open Mon-Sat 10:00am-6:30pm

Millhopper       (352) 371-4155
Tioga Town Center   (352) 333-3298

East End Eatery Logo Greyscale
East End
Breakfast at 8:30am   Lunch at 11am
Sunday Brunch 9:30am-3pm
Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free Friendly
1202 NE 8th Avenue 378-9870

Willow Gardens Logo
Artfully Crafted
Succulent Gardens

Find us on Saturdays in High Springs
8304 NW State Road 45

Sunflower Health Foods
3424 W University Ave, Gainesville
352 372 7482
225 NW Commons Loop, Lake City
386 758 5511
Monday ‐ Saturday 9am to 8pm
Sunday 11am to 5pm

The ONLY ROCK SHOP in North Central Florida
Crystals, minerals and gifts
High Springs Emporium Logo
Mon-Sat 11-6 Sun 12-5   386-454-8657
19765 NW US HWY 441   High Springs, FL
Spring CSA Shares and
Home Delivery Available

352 468-3816
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Kitchen Corner
Haile Farmers Market

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Call 352 374 8561 or email Stefanie

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