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Sweet peppers
Small tomatoes, cherry or grape
Broccoli and/or cauliflower florets
Sugar Snap Peas
Small mushrooms
Red globe radishes
Sliced apples and pears
Whole wheat crunchy breadsticks
French bread or Rosemary Baguette
Whole wheat pita bread
Chevre, ricotta or another soft cheese
Hummus or another bean dip
Ranch dressing
Plain yogurt mixed with dressing or herbs
Peanut, almond or another nut butter
Clean and trim all veggies into two-bite
pieces. Mix ice and water in a large bowl
and add veggies so they can chill and crisp.
When ready to serve, drain and pat dry.
Place all veggies and fruit on a large platter.
Cut bread and pitas; place with breadsticks in
a basket or bowl (think party platter!). Serve
dips in individual bowls. Give everyone a
plate (sectioned plates work really well for
this) and a butter knife and let them enjoy
themselves. Younger children need a little
help to make sure they pick a balance of
foods, but with such a wide selection it is
hard to go wrong. Leftover veggies can be
combined with dressing to create a side dish
salad for another meal. At our house, there
are seldom any leftover dips or bread!